A Seriously Super Bowl

02.02.15 | Comment?

So as the 2015 Super Bowl drew to a close, I began having flashbacks to 10 years ago. In 2005 the Spurs and the Pistons – the previous two champions – met in an epic seven-game NBA Finals. With 15 seconds left in Game 6, the Spurs inbounded the ball, down by two. You may remember what happened next. I certainly do.

The Pistons chose to double-team the ball in the corner, leaving Robert Horry wide open. You remember Horry, don’t you?
“Big Shot” Rob? Won seven titles with three different teams? The guy who’d scored 19 points in the previous 17 minutes of the game? He nailed his open three-pointer, winning the game for the Spurs, who would also take game seven and their third trophy. That was the worst decision in sports history.

Up until yesterday, that is.

You’re the Seahawks, you have the best short-yardage back in the world! Just hand it to Marshawn a couple of times and the game’s over! Instead they threw away an epic drive and a miraculous catch, and turned almost certain victory into defeat.

The game was a great one, with plenty of twists and turns. Only the Seahawks managed to gain a lead of more than a touchdown, and when they looked to be pulling away, Tom Brady and the Pats came storming back, with a pair of fourth-quarter drives totaling about 150 yards and 14 points. And even then the Seahawks didn’t give in.

But their coaches had to get fancy. Better luck next time, Seahawks.

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