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06.06.11 | Comment?

Last year a friend of ours moved down to Houston. He wasn’t able to take all of his stuff with him at the time, so we graciously agreed to store… his hi-def LCD television. It was a wrenching decision, let me tell you.

At that time we only had one HDTV, a 32-inch model we kept in the upstairs room. The new one was larger, and we put it in our living room downstairs, which was instantly transformed into the most popular room in the house. Back in December I even gave myself a birthday gift of a new Blu-Ray player.

Well, last Saturday, our friend returned. And the TV departed.

After moving through the Seven Stages of Grief, we went shopping for a new one at Costco. They have a 90-day no questions asked return policy and a complimentary two year warranty, plus their prices are pretty good. After staring glassy-eyed at a ginormous Sony, we shook ourselves awake and checked out some models more in our price range, eventually settling on a 47-inch Vizio, which was surprisingly affordable (it only cost twice what a 32-inch tube TV cost ten years ago).

After struggling to cram it into the back seat of my wife’s 4Runner, and again to get it out at home, I made a pleasant discovery: this TV was noticeably larger than the late lamented one, which must have been 40- or 42-inches, large enough in fact that I didn’t feel like I was watching TV through a window, as I sometimes did before. The picture is just outstanding, too, very bright and clear. I watched part of The Adventures of Robin Hood from 1938 on Turner Classic Movies’ HD channel, and it just leaped off the screen.

Sports look great too, as I discovered much to my chagrin. Sunday morning I had the “pleasure” of watching Rafael Nadal dismiss my man Roger Federer in four sets to claim his sixth French Open on the gloriously rendered red clay. Less than twelve hours later I watched as the Dallas Mavericks, in their vibrant blue uniforms, came up juuuuust short against the Miami Heat.

So, a mixed blessing, but on the balance I’m pretty happy with it.

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