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Published Again: “Grace, Period”

05.04.11 | 3 Comments

My story “Grace, Period” is now on-line at Plots With Guns. I had a lot of fun reading it and you should all go check it out.

Liner notes:

This story is a sequel of sorts to “Goodnight, Gracie“, also published at Plots With Guns. Do not go and read it, though, as it contains certain spoilers for “Grace, Period”.

Though there’s plenty of adult content – sex, violence, and, especially, profanity – this story was intentionally styled as the sort of thing you might see in Ellery Queen’s or Alfred Hitchcock’s, if they ran this sort of thing, especially in the pacing. This isn’t a dirge, a long, lonely plod to a tragic ending; it’s a mambo. Conga line, everyone!

The story takes a few jabs at the bookselling world, but it’s not really a satire. More of an in joke for those who follow publishing new. I’m not really suggesting that strong-arm tactics could save bookstores. Although now that I think about it… The specific “bix box” bookstore I describe is modeled after the Borders where my writing group meets.

With the exception of Tommy Roccaforte, all the Italian names here are taken from well-known drummers:

Pete Morello – inspired by Joe Morello, jazz drummer for Dave Brubeck, who inspired me to use these names. Sadly, he died before this story was published. My all-too-predictable reaction was, “Joe Morello was still alive?!?”

Sal Porcaro – Jeff Porcaro, founding member of the rock group Toto and noted session drummer. He played on albums by Steely Dan, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, and many, many others.

Vito “The Libido” Fontana – DJ Fontana, Elvis’s drummer. DJ is from my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, and was the house drummer for the Louisiana Hayride, where Elvis first gained popularity.

Carlo Garibaldi – David Garibaldi, drummer for the influential funk group Tower of Power.

Finally, if you have half as much fun reading this story as I had writing it, well, you had fun. This story was as much fun to write as anything I’ve *ever* written. I hope it shows.


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