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The (Formerly) Running Man

08.10.09 | 2 Comments

For about five months last year I worked second shift in the data center – 2pm to midnight. This left me with my mornings free and nothing to do once the kids were off to school. I was kind of tired of being such a fat slug, so one day I strapped on my sneakers and went for a run.

And I didn’t get very far. But the next day I got a little farther. In less than a month I was running 2.5 miles four times a week. From Labor Day to Christmas I lost nearly 25 pounds.

Then, inevitably, my body broke down.

See, I was born with a club foot (surgically corrected when I was an infant) and later I hurt my Achilles on that same leg, so I had a fallen arch on that side. This put a little extra pressure on my right knee, and finally something had to give. When it did it was the cartiledge over my kneecap.

So I sat around the house and waited for it to get better, and it never did. Nothing else seems to hurt except for running, but even a couple of running steps is painful. I later learned that it can be fixed, but the doctors recommend against it unless the pain is just unbearable. Apparently once you get your knee fixed it’s never the same again.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I spent three days wandering around Universal Studios. I was on my feet about six hours a day, and while the standing around got old after a while, the walking didn’t seem to hurt too much.

So when I got back I decided to keep it going. In the past 8 days I have walked more than 35 miles, and it feels pretty good. So far I have lost a grand total of… 1 pound. But hey, in a year that will be 52 pounds! And I’ll be down to the what I weighted when I was 15.

Or maybe not.


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