My New Favorite Band (Edited for Stupidity)

01.07.09 | 1 Comment

I have a theory that at any given time, no matter what radio station you listen to, there is no possible way that you’ll hear the best music being made. When I think about the crap I used to listen to back in the 80s, compared to the music that was secretly being made, it makes me want to… well, not vomit. Maybe gag a little.

This theory was recently born out when I found my new favorite band via YouTube video. A music video, you ask? No, not exactly. It was Bike Hero.

As impressive as the video was, I was really interested in the song they used. It sounded kind of like Johnny Rotten singing, so I figured it was an old Sex Pistols tune, or maybe one from Johnny’s later bands. I couldn’t have been more wrong – the song (ed. – “Prisoner of Society”, duh) only came out back in 1996, from an Australian band called The Living End, on their self-titled debut album.

This album became the 3rd highest selling debut in Australian history, showing once again that Australians are pretty much the most kick-ass people on the planet. I grabbed it from Amazon.com’s MP3 store (which you should all really be using), and the whole thing just freakin’ ROCKS, dude!!! Not just punk influences, but ska and rockabilly, too, all sort of mashed together into a thick ‘n hearty rock-and-roll stew (Now you’re probably gagging).

How was this not a huge hit over here? I have a theory for that, too. Two words: Britney. Spears. It’s got to be her fault somehow.

(ed. – I forgot to mention that The Living End is the latest in a long line of balls-rocking Aussie bands, including Jet, INXS, and AC/DC. And, of course, the greated of them all – The Wiggles.)

1 Comment

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