“i” For “indestructible”

01.14.08 | Comment?

So I was driving home a little over a week ago. I parked in the driveway, unhooked my iPod Shuffle from the stereo, and went into my house. Everybody was hungry so I started in on dinner right away. Fast forward three hours, and I collapse into bed and fall asleep.

Next morning I go through my usual pre-work routine, right up until the moment when I get the iPod from the right rear corner of my dresser and drop it into my shirt pocket.

But it wasn’t there.

It’s always there! If it’s not there, where else could it be? I figured I had just absent-mindedly set it down somewhere while I was cooking, and that it would turn up.

It didn’t.

I looked in the car, all along the path to the front door, in my jacket, everywhere. No luck.

A co-worker told me there were two things I could try, either of which would guarantee that the iPod would turn up immediately: either loudly accuse a family member of stealing it, and demand they return it or spend all eternity in their room; or buy a replacement.

After a week, these options were looking more and more attractive.

Then this past weekend my son was playing out in the front yard with his friend Nathan, who stumbled across my humble Shuffle nestled there in the grass. It had spent a full week outdoors, in temperatures that reached the low 30s, and had endured at least one brief rain shower.

With some trepidation I plugged it into my stereo, turned it on, and pressed Play.

It worked perfectly. Thanks, Apple!

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