Why Isildur Got A Bum Rap

12.15.07 | Comment?

Inspired by this post of Dean’s, I watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy again recently, and it occurred to me that Isildur got a bum rap.

As you may recall, Isildur was the king of Gondor who saw his father, king of Arnor, cut down by Sauron in battle on the slopes of Mount Doom. Isildur took up his father’s shattered sword and cut the Ring of Power from Sauron’s hand, destroying his corporeal form and driving his army from the field.

Though urged by Elrond to destroy the ring, Isildur instead kept it for himself. The ring then betrayed Isildur during an ambush, leaving him to die.

Aragon, Isildur’s heir to the throne of Gondor, feared the weakness that caused Isildur to keep the ring instead of destroying it. But this is a load of crap! Why? Because when Frodo the Pure as the Driven Snow, the one who was chosen to bear to ring to Gondor, the saintliest of all the Fellowship of the Ring, when he stands at the Crack of Doom and prepares to send the Ring back to hell, what does he do? He keeps it for himself!

So Isildur was damned for doing the same thing that Frodo, the hero of the Lord of the Rings, did when he was faced with the same situation. And that’s why he got a bum rap.

That’s all I have to say about that.

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