The Worst Christmas Of My Life

12.26.05 | 4 Comments

It was 1995, ten years ago. My mother had died the year before. One sister was married, the other soon to be. So we got together and did some family stuff, but by the afternoon everyone else had other things to do, so I ended up on the sofa in my apartment, watching television. Alone. Even at the time, I remember thinking, “Well, this sucks.”

And indeed it did. I wasn’t seeing anyone, didn’t have a steady job, just sat around the house when I wasn’t working. Honestly, I was pathetic.

But in January, I got a call from a girl I’d once had a date with. She was going to be in town for a few days, she said, and did I want to do anything.

There were many things I wanted to do, but I settled for dinner and a show.

Fourteen months later we were married, and in the nine years since, we’ve added three kids to the family, and I can truly say that my Christmases will never suck again.

So, if you’re having a hard time during the holidays, keep your chin up. Better things may be around the corner.


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