Adrift, on an ocean of ennui…

12.19.05 | Comment?

Last week and through the weekend, I didn’t feel like doing shit. Didn’t want to work. Didn’t want to play. No reading. No writing. Dozing off at lunchtime, then waking up at 4am. Definitely the blahs.

Seem to be a bit perkier today. Managed to trade a few good-natured insults with the office smartass. Before long, complete sentences. But for now – Hulk smash!

(An Alternate Theory: If I’m really a bear, like my wife says, I may be getting ready to hibernate.)

Cowboys Update: The Cowboys suck.

Mavericks Update: Ever since Don Nelson hung up his whistle last spring, making Avery Johnson the Mavs’ new coach, I’ve been really high on this team. Everybody on this team can score, and they’re learning to play better on the defensive end. This year they’ve already blown out the Spurs and the Pistons, and beat the Suns twice (without Stoudamire, who murdered them last year). As the Cowboys start making their vacation plans, I’ll keep you updated on the good team in town.

Incidentally, I said the Cowboys were “too inconsistent” months ago. You can look it up.

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