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10.18.05 | Comment?

About 10 million Iraqis went to the polls last weekend in a referendum on the new constitution – roughly 70% of eligible voters. Even the ones who voted no – and there were a couple million at least – voted, instead of picking up a gun. And those who chose violence were even less effective than in the January elections to the constitutional assembly.

Even if you opposed the war, this seems to me to be an unmitigated good, and it shows that when you give people a chance to vote, they take it, even at the risk of their lives.

Bad news always outruns the good, but this news leaves me feeling hopeful.

Cowboys update. So which team would we see this week? The Good Cowboys, or the Bad Cowboys? As it happens they both put in an appearance.

The offense made way, way too many mistakes. They turned the ball over, missed field goals, and generally did little to inspire confidence. The defense, however, was terrific, to the point where New York was +4 on turnovers but trailed by a point. Then they went on a takeaway tear themselves, putting an end to at least three drives with New York in scoring position.

So of course they gave up the tying touchdown.

The ‘Boys took care of business in overtime, though, and if their defense keeps playing they way it has the past two weeks, they should compete for a playoff spot. But no one is breaking an ankle jumping on the bandwagon.

Oh BTW, I sold another story. Details to follow.

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