Mystery Blog Steel Cage Challenge Match

01.24.05 | Comment?

Finally! The truth can be told! Mystery bloggers of the world have united and cast off their chains! The story begins a few weeks ago, when Comrade Quertermous and Comrade White had an idea: Invite some of the Net’s best mystery writers/bloggers to write stories based around a common theme. The only requirement: each story must have a car pulled over by a cop who finds… SOMETHING IN THE TRUNK!!! (there may also have been a length limit, but I really wasn’t listening.)

So herewith, allow me to present:

The Junk In The Trunk


“Negative Lottery” by Dave White

“Trunk Shot” by Bryon Quertermous

“Rulebreaker” by Sarah Weinman

“Soft Sell” by Gerald So

“Anniversary” by Aldo Calcagno

“State Trooper Joke” by Duane Swierczynski

“I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts” by Jen Jordan

“She Stole My Fortune!” by Dave Zeltserman

“Four Billion Funerals And A Wedding” by John Rickards

“Delia’s Gone” by Ray Banks

“The Dummy Receipt” by Pat Lambe

“No Cure For Cancer” by Jon Jordan

“Moby Dick In A Can” by Bob Tinsley

My own story is “Bonnie And Clyde’s Last Ride”. Enjoy!

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